Total Training's simple refresh cycle

Keeping your staff's training updated can be both inconvenient and confusing.

Guidance provided by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) does not specifically say what training is required and how often it should be refreshed. Instead they say it is the responsibility of the manager to identify the training required by staff and assess the need for their update training.

Total Training has a simple solution that not only meets your mandatory requirements but also provides large savings of both time and money for your organisation.

Fully maintain your staffs mandatory training for under £135 per year!  

To help simplify your staff's training needs, we have included an easy to follow flow chart to guide you.

Flowchart showing Total's training refresh cycle


There are many ways to assess and develop your staffs training needs. This guide is not prescriptive but aims to provide a starting point to make sense of the advice and information available. It is the employers responsibility to identify their specific needs of the workforce, the setting and the needs of the people receiving support. Should you need any advice, we will be happy to help.


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