Total Training's Simple Training Plan For Care Staff

Skills for Care has introduced recommendations of learning and development for Care Providers.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) use these recommendations to identify best practice from Care Providers.

Total Training has created a simple training model that meets all of Skills for Care´s recommendations helping Care Providers to achieve excellent CQC reports and improving the quality of the service they provide.

The Total Training model also provides large savings of both time and money for your organisation. Allowing you to be confident that you are providing the best possible training and to be able focus on other important parts of your business.

  • Simple to manage (just one booking a year)
  • Every mandatory subject included
  • High quality face to face training
  • The easiest way to achieve the Care Certificate
  • Meet Skills for Care´s recommendations 
  • Improve CQC ratings
  • Qualified and professional trainers 
  • Develop competent workers that make a real difference 

Flowchart showing Total's training refresh cycle

Mandatory and Care Certificate Training



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