Medication Administration for Care Staff

Course Description

This Medication training equips staff with the underpinning knowledge medication administration in preparation for compliance with their organisations' policies and in house assessment of competence.
Skills for Care recommend this subject has a minimum refresher frequency of annually

Course Topics

  • Standard 13 - Health and Safety
  • Legislation, policies and procedures
  • Precautions and checks to be taken before administration of medication
  • The 6 rights
  • How to prevent and what to do in the event of a medication error
  • Forms of medication that a trained, competent carer can administer
  • Principles of clean technique when administering oral medicines
  • Refusal; emergency medicines
  • Prescribed medicines into the eye, ear and nose

CPD Learning Hours:  3 Hours

Recommended Audience: 
This course is recommended for people who work in any sector/industry

For a fixed fee of £259.99+VAT we can provide this course at your workplace for 12 candidates

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