Manual Handling - Basic Load - Non Care Staff

Course Description

This course provides the foundation knowledge to safely carry out manual handling techniques with inanaimate objects. This course reduces risk to the handler.
It will also advise how to follow risk assessments effectively, understand implications of the law and how to identify risk.
This course is suitable for staff that do not provide personal care such as domestic and admin staff.
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Course Topics

  • Legislation and Law
  • Basic anatomy of the spine and its functions.
  • Causes of back pain and ways in which to reduce the risk of injury.
  • The principles of risk assessment and how to apply them to your daily practice
  • Understand the requirements for preparing the environment prior to moving inanimate loads
  • Be able to safely handle and store inanimate loads
  • Equality and diversity

CPD Learning Hours:  3 Hours

Recommended Audience: 
This course is recommended for people who work in any sector/industry

For a fixed fee of £259.99+VAT we can provide this course at your workplace for 12 candidates

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